Director/a de Mantenimiento

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    Bilbao, Vizcaya

Spring professional is looking for a Maintenance Plant Manager for a industrial company in Bilbao area.


Job Content

        Translate companies objectives into maintenance strategy for each department

        Build/coordinate maintenance Multiyear plan per department in line with Site Improvement Plan (SIP)

        Build a cluster/plant wide perennial plan to ensure lifetime and continuity of equipment

        Overview of Extraordinary Maintenance needs (Opex & Capex) over 5 yr period

        Critical spares availability (via controlled Inventory per dpt and cluster)

        Deferred backlog control

        Build/coordinate yearly action plan (objectives on reliability, cost, extraordinary maintenance, …)

        Deploy Asset Reliability Management Program (ARMP) maintenance model in the company. Check regularly compliance (internal audit) as well as performance (KPIs)

        Deploy Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), together with cluster CMMS Key User

        Make link with World Class Manufacturing (WCM), be the cluster/plant wide business owner for ‘Professional Maintenance’ pillar

        Be the “asset reliability and automation process” (S2) owner for the cluster/site regarding certifications (ISO/TS) coordinating all Maintenance Business Owners from Dpt / Lines on this topic

        Link Maintenance process with other support organizations in the cluster (Safety, Environment, Purchasing, Engineering, Human Resources, Legal dpt)

        Define Insourcing versus Outsourcing & Centralized versus Decentralized execution policy in line with ARMP business model

        Stimulate reliability improvement practices and use of predictive measurement systems

        Cooperate in the Maintenance KMP/Agora program and distribute shared knowledge in his cluster via Maintenance community networks (Commissions, Clubs, …)

        Organize and Share reliability REX (return of experience)

        Organize competence centers in the cluster/site : regular meeting on maintenance topics, meetings with departmental WCM ‘Professional Maintenance’ pilots (= Reliability Engineers)

        Standardize technologies between departments, sites

        Stimulate innovation, organize benchmarking inside and outside the company.


Position in the organization

        Separate function in integrated sites or combined with other responsibilities in small sites, e.g. mini mills

        Support function reporting to highest in rank (CEO or COO) with status minimum comparable to head of department

        Participant to regular (mostly weekly) Management Meeting of cluster/site/plant with feedback on reliability status and programs

        Senior Expert competence level in Maintenance (background of dozen years with Maintenance Management)

        Manager of a team that include Reliability, Maintenance experts (that can train / coach Maintenance personnel) and cluster CMMS Key Users