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You will be responsible for preparing current and long-term planning for operations and maintenance activities of the company in line with standard markets and the guidelines provided by the company.


·    Maintain the optimal asset production level, according to guidelines and assigned objectives, and identify possible actions to optimize production/operating performance, while protecting people's safety, the environment and the company’s reputation.

·    Guarantee OPEX management and optimization of the assets assigned, in line with standard markets and the guidelines provided by RENEWABLES OPMO (HQ).

·    Guarantee integrity, availability and reliability of equipment and production plants according to guidelines for renewable assets.

·    Implement and manage the Production and OPEX Forecast Model, in accordance with provided best practices.

·    Analysing the production data vs. the forecast and ensure the fine tuning of the model where necessary.

·    Organizing and managing the production reporting towards the Authorities (production forecasts and production records).

·    Ensuring technical follow up of the invoicing of the Power Purchase Agreement in line with agreed production records.

·    Execute and monitoring, according to guidelines and technical instructions, the planned maintenance interventions and the unplanned maintenance interventions

· Defining and managing material management workflows.

·   Planning and management of O&M services and spare parts’ management.

·  Supervising all the O&M activities performed by external suppliers.

· Operating, for assigned responsibilities, in accordance with guidelines, objectives and technical instructions provided by RENEWABLES OPMO central department and using (where applicable) framework agreements for renewable business.

·    Marinating strict liaison with the central monitoring RENEWABLES Control Room for technical support and supervision of operations and maintenance activities

·    Participating in periodic meetings as requested by RENEWABLES OPMO central department for technical and operational alignment activities.

·    Mitigating risks to health, safety, the environment and public safety, which might impact on the Company’s assets and image, employees and other parties, in all our activities.

·    Developing, implementing and keeping updated the relevant company regulations (procedures, operating instructions) in conformity with applicable laws and requirements.



·    Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Engineering, Energy or equivalent disciplines.

·    Master's in Business Administration (MBA) desirable.

·    High level of English

·    At least 10 years of experience in Renewables, Wind and/or Solar is a plus.

·    Asset Plant Manager and Greenfield experiences are a must.

·    Strong management skills, focused in large teams.

·    Full project life cycle management.

·    Availability for travelling.

· Autonomy, proactivity and strong communication skills



·    Permanent contract

· Competitive salary based on the candidate’s qualifications and experience